What does the Thyroid Clinic Program include? 

4+ month plan includes-
• 2 Full hospital blood panels & Thyroid Plus Test
• 1 Herbalist Appointment
• 2 Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Appointments

How much does the Thyroid Clinic Program cost? €450

A Herbal prescription and/or nutritional supplements may be recommended. These are not included in the clinic fee.
More comprehensive thyroid testing may be advised.

We also do coeliac testing, food intolerance testing and wider hormone profiles where clinically indicated (not included in the standard clinic fee). Such tests are offered at special rates to patients attending Dr Clare’s dedicated Thyroid and Energy Clinic.

“I was on thyroid medication and had normal blood tests but I was losing my hair and felt very tired. Since using the herbs for 6 months I feel much better and my hair loss has stopped. I sleep better and am no longer constipated.”

— Sean C, Athlone

“One in twenty people in UK have problems with thyroid function.”

— The British Thyroid Foundation. This is likely to be similar in Ireland.

Do you suffer from any of the following whether you are taking Thyroid Medication or not?
• Excess tiredness
• Hard to lose/gain weight
• Palpitations
• Mood swings e.g. anxiety, irritability, depression or nervousness
• Loss of interest in sex
• Irregular periods
• Constipation and/or diarrhoea
• Sensitivity to heat and cold
• Muscle weakness or aches
• Slow movements and thoughts
• Dry or scaly skin
• Brittle hair and nails
• Difficulty with fertility
• Poor sleeping
• Carpal tunnel syndrome

If you answered yes to a number of these questions you may consider scheduling a Thyroid Clinic appointment.

Whether or not the test shows thyroid problems  you may choose to see us at our Thyroid Clinic

for a natural medicine approach to your problems.

What does your Thyroid gland do? 

The thyroid gland in your neck produces hormones that regulate how your cells use energy. You may experience a wide range of symptoms if your thyroid gland produces too little or too much thyroid hormone. With poor thyroid function your hormones lose the ability to manage cell energy efficiently.

“My borderline thyroid hormone levels returned to a normal level and I avoided taking my thyroid medication through herbs, supplements and diet changes.”

— Ann, Galway

We treat whatever has contributed to your Thyroid function problems including:
• Digestive system
• Blood sugar balance
•Hormone balance especially adrenal function

We can help you if you are:
• Taking thyroid drugs but still have symptoms  despite normal blood levels
• Have ‘borderline’ thyroid blood tests
• Have several symptoms of thyroid problems but normal blood tests

Q. “I feel well on my thyroid medication as a replacement treatment for my Thyroid gland. Is it possible to use only natural medicines for this problem? I would prefer not to take drugs.”
A. Your body has become accustomed to relying on external hormones and it is not possible to answer the above question in advance. It requires a one to one assessment, consistency of treatment and repeated monitoring of blood tests probably over a two year period. Make a Thyroid Clinic appointment to discuss.

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