Are experiencing any of the following symptoms?

  • Feeling unable to cope
  • Less tolerant to noise
  • Irritable, angry or moody
  • Getting sick more often than usual
  • Feeling overwhelmed or panicky
  • Less interested in sex
  • Having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Gaining weight around the middle
  • Feeling tired all the time

Do any of these happen to you?

  • Energy highs and lows throughout the day
  • Sugar or salt cravings
  • Caffeine dependancy (tea, coffee or cola)
  • Addiction problems
  • Headaches or muscle tension
  • Stress‐related palpitations

If you answered yes to a number of these you may consider scheduling an appointment for The Stress and Adrenal Clinic.

I have been suffering from stress for a long time. I had a few sessions of acupuncture and changed what I was eating. My anxiety levels have gone way down and I feel so relaxed. I can now think clearly for the first time in ages.

John S., Galway

So What is Stress?

Stress is the feeling of being under mental or emotional pressure. Pressure turns into stress when you feel unable to cope.

What does the Stress and Sleep program include?

3 month plan includes-
• 1 Herbalist Appointment
• 2 Nutrition & Lifestyle Appointments
• 2 x Massage Therapy Sessions
• Cortisol Test-saliva
• 1 month herbal medicine prescription included
• 2 weekly follow up calls

How can our clinic help?

Stress itself is beneficial, but persistent or chronic stress can lead to the problems described. Our Clinic is provided by a State Registered Nurse and Licensed Acupuncturist, and a registered Nutritionist.

How much does the Stress and Sleep program cost? €450

Why does the food We eat matter?

The food you eat and when you eat can influence how you deal with stress. By reviewing a three day food diary, our nutritionist will offer practical ways to change your shopping and eating habits. An individual dietary plan will be designed for your life.

This Program includes:

  1. Medical History & Adrenal Stress Analysis
  2. Heart Rate Variability Assessment
  3. One Nutritional Consultation
  4. Four combined Acupuncture, Ondamed Therapy and energy healing sessions
  5. Dr. Clare’s herbal prescription blend for relaxation (100ml)
  6. One month’s prescribed Adrenal supplement


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