“Dr Clare’s Sleep Mix (special prescription blend) for our baby has saved our sanity! After a year of very little sleep we are all now sleeping soundly. I’m amazed at how quickly we saw improvements. I recommend seeing a herbalist for a baby who doesn’t sleep.”

— Emma G. Mayo. Mother of a 13 month old.

“The last month or so I have found, sometimes on waking, that I am on my side. What a wonderful surprise after months of only being able to sleep on my back.
I can’t thank you enough Dr Clare. I attribute your herbal remedies, specifically designed for me at consultation, as core to the significant improvements in my quality of life and well being that have occurred since my first consultation.”


“Amazing Doctor, lovely staff and clinic, highly recommend a visit if you are feeling under the weather Dr Dilis or one of the team is sure to sort you out. They solved my daughters throat issues with one of their fantastic blends, when the hospital recommended a tonsillectomy. Go for it you have nothing to lose and all to gain. A truly fantastic service. Highly recommended.”

— F. Brown

“Dr Dilis Clare is a leader in her field of medicine. Those that have availed of her services speak highly of her professionalism and duty of care for them. She is involved in research and education and is continually updating and developing her knowledge.”

— T. Corry

“Dr. Clare treated me for general sadness and heartache after my mum passed away. Infertility was part of my history so she gave me something to “give me heart”. After two months taking my tonic we became pregnant and the cycle of life went on. ”

— (Anon, Galway)

“You won’t remember me but I saw you just over 12 months ago trying to conceive for 2 years. I conceived the first month following commencing a tonic and dietary advice from you and was having acupuncture with Aine Delaney
…Anyway, I was just thinking about you the other day and wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for everything. I have a beautiful, healthy five month old daughter and had a dream pregnancy with her. It’s interesting, I was a self-proclaimed “bad vegetarian” but with dietary improvement and admittedly some supplements as advised by you, I have physically felt amazing over the past year. My haemoglobin was actually higher at 28 weeks than it was at booking! I also had a long history of depression and always imagined that I would be a sitting duck for post-natal depression but with a bit of attention to prevention, I have been totally fine and have really enjoyed my maternity leave. You also directed me to the book “The Black Dog” which I found amazing and have directed other patients to it since (I’m a GP). Anyway, thanks again for everything. ”

— H.T. Dublin

“My thyroid was low from having a baby eight months ago. The thyroid tests I had taken were fluctuating. I had low energy, mouth ulcers, migraine. The tonic took six weeks to work but I gradually improved. I was advised less gluten foods, more fruit and vegetables and essential fatty acids. ”

— MK Galway City.

“My son suffered from excessive sweating and was miserable, he started becoming very unsociable. Michelle recommended Sage to help him and it worked wonders. The other day he gave me a hug and said “Thanks Mum!”

— (Galway)

Dr Dilis Clare, GP and Medical Herbalist, she is a very good doctor and employer.
She as a strong knowledge over field. As an employee I enjoyed working with her, as a patient I’m enjoying her natural medicine especially the teas and as a client I enjoy the service and the herbs. Natural, quality, dignity and respect is her weapon. ”

— Niko

“Such a great result for my son aged 18 months. He’s back to being a vibrant, healthy boy after months of being sick on and off. Thank you, Dr Clare”

— SF Knocknacarra, Galway

“I had taken boswellia for several months and had great results for back, shoulder and neck pain. No side effects either”

— Anne