Combined Food Allergy & Sensitivities test plus environmental allergens-

  • 38 allergies tested (food & environment)
  • 40 intolerances tested (food)

This combined allergy and intolerance test is a fast and cost-effective way of screening for 78 triggers of the most common food intolerances and allergies. Using ELISA testing for raised IgE and IgG4 antibodies, this blood spot test offers accurate lab results to enable you to adjust your diet and lifestyle to reduce or avoid triggers.

Suitable from 2 years of age. Turnaround time 1 week*.

Cost €150.

Please call 091 583260 to book your test.

Omega Index Test-

This measures EPA and DHA.These two important omega-3 fats found in certain foods, are essential for brain health. The Omega-3 Index measures the amount of EPA and DHA in red blood cells (RBC). The result shows the % of total RBC fats, and is a long-term, stable marker of omega-3 status. Low or high Omega Index Status can affect heart health and has indications towards increased risk of heart disease and other circulatory conditions. Much more detailed than your standard cholesterol blood test.

Turnaround time: 2 weeks*. Blood test.

Cost €119.00

Please call 091 583260 to book your test.

Homocysteine Test-

This measures methylation, your need for B vitamins. Faulty methylation damages the brain and circulation and is the single best indicator of cognitive health. Homocysteine goes up when methylation is impaired, indicating a greater need for B vitamins, especially B6, B12 and folate.

Turnaround time: 2 weeks*. Blood test.

Cost €130.00

Please call 091 583260 to book your test.

Vitamin D Test-

Low blood serum vitamin d3 levels are well documented as an indication of many risk factors including-

  • Low bone density
  • Weakened immunity
  • Digestive issues
  • Mood disorders
  • and more…

Turnaround time: 15 minutes. Blood test.

Cost €65.00

*we cannot guarantee these turnaround times as in rare cases there may be post or courier issues.

Please call 091 583260 to book your test.

Fitzwilliam Food Intolerance Testing-

This is the Price breakdown for each test:
The tests are priced as follows-

60 foods = €195 Receive printout of results and helpful diet elimination sheets
93 foods = €255 & includes consultation with Nutritionist
200 foods = €340 & includes consultation with Nutritionist (RRP €65*limited time only)

  • Taking the blood only takes 5 minutes.
  • The results turnaround time is on average 2 weeks.
  • Please read the details on the test on the official Fitzwilliam Food Test website
  • Unique to Dr Clare Apothecary
  • Non invasive scientifically tested food intolerance testing.
  • All results are processed by fully qualified Nutritional Therapists.

Receipts given for all tests to upload to health insurance or revenue rebates sections.

Please call 091 583260 to book your test.