Alazne Larrinaga MSc,BSc, ISATT, STAT, Alexander Technique Specialist, ‘Smart Yoga’ Teacher And Exercise Physiologist. 

Who is Alazne Larrinaga and why did she choose Alexander Technique?

It all started when Alazne began to suffer from back pain and postural problems after a 10 year career in finance. Unfortunately she discovered she had two bulging and painful disks (namely L4 and L5). Doctors told Alazne that she needed to undergo a risky operation to fix the problem. This diagnosis is what led her to the Alexander Technique and ultimately train as a practitioner. Now Alazne enjoys being able to function well and lead a normal, pain free and active life. She is even raising two young children, training at the gym and running regularly. 

Alazne Larringa is experienced in treating a wide variety of patients, but her most common clients are office workers and students. Many of her clients came to her suffering from chronic back pain and tension caused by stress and have benefited greatly. She has also successfully treated patients with other injuries, such as knee, hip and neck.

Why should you trust Alazne?

The Alexander Technique is of benefit as a complimentary therapy in cases of cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. Alazne has seen first-hand the benefits of the Alexander Technique in improving clients cognitive and somatic function.

Using her professional training, Alazne has developed a unique approach to exercise. Through re-education she focuses on avoiding strain and injury and has very positive results.

If you suffer from backache, stiff neck, headache or arthritis Alazne can help you to improve your posture and reduce the harmful tensions that cause these and other problems.

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