Limerick based Susan Shannon on The Exchange Radio Show interviews Dr Dilis Clare

Dr Clare discusses with Shannon the difference between the conventional medicine approach to the menopause versus using integrative therapies such as herbal medicine. As Dr Clare says you don’t have to be a doctor to treat menopause. In this interview Dr Clare touches upon topics such as Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, IBS, and even gives some tips for dealing with hot flushes and insomnia. 


Galway Bay FM 

Dr Clare is speaking from 1:47:30- 2:00:29


Irish Examiner 11/09/18

Dr Dilis Clare Herbalist and General Medical Practitioner


Irish Times interview October 1st 2016 Pt1 (right-click image to download)

Irish Times interview October 1st 2016 Pt2 (right-click image to download)

Medicine weekly interview 2007 (right-click image to download)

Galway Advertiser 2007 (right-click image to download)