Tara Canning DipNT, memNTOI, FMed certified

I am a nutritionist working in the health sector for more than 16 years. Since graduating in 2010 I am in the nutrition department of her Dr Clare’s clinical team.

I am a certified functional medicine practitioner in my own Nutrition clinics in Galway, Oranmore and through online consultations.

My aim is to not only to make you feel better but ultimately find out why you are not feeling well. This may involve diet and lifestyle changes. I do prescribe some supplements, herbal blends and certain interventions based on the needs, budget and capabilities of the person, where appropriate. No two people are the same.

The majority of my clients see me for-

  • Digestive Issues/IBS/ SIBO/Acid reflux/Leaky Gut
  • Weight Management/Overweight/Underweight
  • Thyroid & Energy issues
  • Lowering Cholesterol/Atherosclerosis
  • Cardiovascular Conditions & Prevention
  • Joint and Skeletal Conditions
  • Functional medicine testing services & interpretation
  • Corporate health & well being talks

I also guest lecture in Athlone ATU.

I am a member of the GRETB teaching panel working on positive nutrition-based projects with a variety of students of all ages and backgrounds. Some clients request food plans and support with particular diet plans and I am happy to work with them if the diet is right for them. Nutritional therapy is fast becoming the key to optimal health. 

People want practical, healthy and mainly quick recipes and plans to use in their busy lives. Health does not have to be bland and boring!

In addition to her role as a nutritionist Tara also co-ordinates the Thyroid Program, Health check, and Digestion Programs.

Visit my website www.taracanning.ie for more information.

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For information or a nutritional consultation call 087 9074701 or email tcanning@live.ie

Please call 087 9074701 or you can also Email tcanning@live.ie for enquiries.