What does the Post Viral Fatigue Clinic include? 

4 to 6 month plan-
• Chronic Fatigue Test (urine & saliva)
• 2 consultations with the functional
medicine nutritionist
• 2 consultations with the medical herbalist
• Vitamin D test

How much does the Post Viral Fatigue Clinic cost? €650

Key Components of the Plan

Chronic Fatigue Test (Urine & Saliva): A comprehensive diagnostic test to assess specific markers related to chronic fatigue, providing valuable insights into your body’s functions.

Consultations with Functional Medicine Nutritionist: Two one-on-one consultations with our skilled functional medicine nutritionist to create a tailored nutrition plan based on your unique needs and challenges.

Consultations with Medical Herbalist: Benefit from the expertise of our medical herbalists who will guide you through herbal interventions designed to support your body’s natural healing processes.

Vitamin D Test: A crucial assessment to ensure optimal levels of Vitamin D, an essential component for immune system function and overall well-being.

Investment in Your Health

The Post Viral Fatigue Clinic’s 4 to 6 month plan is available at a cost of €650. This investment covers all aspects of the program, including diagnostic tests, consultations, and personalized guidance from our experienced team.

Embark on Your Journey to Recovery

Take the first step towards renewed energy and well-being. Dr. Clare’s Clinic is dedicated to supporting you on your path to recovery from post-viral fatigue. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and begin your personalised journey to health.

*Please note: This plan is specifically tailored for individuals experiencing post-viral fatigue. Consultation and tests may vary based on individual health needs.*

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