We welcome students from diverse schools of herbal medicine to join us in our clinic. 

Lara Jonasdottir has a Post graduate Diploma in teaching clinical medicine from NUIG, in addition to a Diploma in Women’s Health from Aviva Rom MD (US) and a Diploma in herbal medicine with David Winston (US). This is in addition to her BSc in Herbal Medicine.

Dr Clare has been in medical practice for 40 years and has a BSc in Herbal Medicine. She teaches with the Heartwood Herbal Medicine Professional course which is accredited by the National Institute of Medical Herbalists  (NIMH) UK. This blended learning course offers Irish students the opportunity to do clinical herbal training for a NIMH accredited course in Ireland for the first time.

We have the advantage of busy clinics offering a diverse range of clinical medicine and treatment outcomes.

Both practitioners work as a team and engage an open relaxed learning environment to help you develop as an effective herbalist. We have herb garden beds near the clinic and can offer accommodation if needed.

Professional Training Courses in Ireland and the UK