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Herbalist and Collaborative Medicine Clinic

Dr Clare is a Medical Herbalist, at her clinic in Sea Road Galway City, you can see a herbalist or a qualified nutritionist for health advice. 

At Dr Clare Clinic and Apothecary we have herbs for stomach problems, herbal medicine treatments, alternative thyroid treatments, and alternative thyroid treatments.

Do you want to lower cholesterol?

Learn other ways to lower cholesterol safely without medications. We supply natural sleep aids, and help and advice with my anxiety, as well as herbs that help to fight depression. 

Where can I get food intolerance testing in galway?

At Dr Clare Clinic you can get the Fitzwilliam Food Test.

How can I test my Vitamin D levels?

At Dr Clare Clinic we can test your vitamin D levels.

Do you need help with a UTI infection (urinary tract infection) or IBS (irritable bowel syndrome?

At Dr Clare Apothecary we have herbs that can help. We also offer nutrition support for IBS.

Where can I get functional tests done in Galway?

At Dr Clare Clinic we offer a wide range of functional tests.

Our team at Dr Clare Alternative Health Clinic offers stress support to women in peri-menopause and menopause.

We are the only alternative skincare clinic in Galway City.