Health Program –

“This Programme will enhance your health, help you avoid unnecessary medication and give a great boost to energy and vitality.”

Sleep Program  –

“Dr Clare, who has a busy GP practice, explains sleep problems can take many forms. They can involve too little sleep or inadequate quality of sleep.”

Digestion program –

“Always consult your medical adviser if you experience a change in bowel habit, particularly if you have bleeding or are over 50 and there is no obvious reason for the change.”

Thyroid  program –

“I was on thyroid medication and had normal blood tests but I was losing my hair and felt very tired. Since using the herbs for 6 months I feel much better and my hair loss has stopped. I sleep better and am no longer constipated.”

Stress  program –

“I have been suffering from stress for a long time. I had a few sessions of acupuncture and changed what I was eating. My anxiety levels have gone way down and I feel so relaxed. I can now think clearly for the first time in ages.”

Skin program –

“Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out”